Precision Rifle Cartridge Reloading Course


Level: Intermediate /Advanced
Course Length: 8 Hours
Cost: $249
Classes run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Course Summary:

This course will teach you everything you’ll need to know in order to improve the accuracy of your rifle by producing match grade precision ammunition. Paying attention to details and maintaining tight tolerances as well as taking some extra steps in the process will yield amazing improvements in your rifles accuracy. The class will build a batch of match grade .308 caliber cartridges from start to finish from case prep to data logging. Students should have already taken pistol/rifle reloading or have a basic knowledge of reloading prior to taking this class. This course covers:

  • Case sorting
  • Precision case trimming
  • Neck turning
  • Calculating proper headspace
  • Primer pocket uniforming
  • Bullet concentricity and runout
  • Using an OAL gauge to determine proper bullet seating depth
  • Understanding Ballistic coefficient and density
  • Using a chronograph
  • Using Ballistic calculators
  • Working up loads and data tracking



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