Beginner Pistol

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From: $249.00

Level: Beginner
Course Length: 6 Hours
Cost: $249
Classes run from 8:00 am to 3 pm

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Course Summary:

Live fire training at the outdoor range. This course compliments CDI Basic Pistol and is perfect for the beginner or the person who wants a refresher course on the basic fundamentals of shooting. You will need 200 rounds of ammunition, a good quality holster, eye and ear protection. We recommend you take CDI Basic Pistol, CDI Basic Pistol for Women first or, have some basic firearms training from a certified firearms instructor. This course covers:

  • Shooting fundamentals review
  • Firearm safety review
  • Proper stance, grip, sights and trigger press / reset
  • Magazine reload
  • Basic shooting drills
Rental available: Gun, holster, ammunition, eye and ear protection available for an additional $100 per person.

1 review for Beginner Pistol

  1. Sam

    An excellent time learning the function of my own personal firearm in a low stress environment. Had fun learning techniques and safety with a 1/1 student teacher ratio. Especially enjoyed the open forum end of the day to try out a variety of other firearms.

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