Optics 101


Level: Beginner
Course Length: 8 Hours
Cost: $249
Class runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Course Summary:

This course is a basic overview on selection, use and installation of a rifle scope. This course came about because there are many people who have a Hunting, Target, or Tactical scope and have no idea how to use it. This course covers:   Scope selection based on intended use 

  • Choosing the right magnification
  • Fixed vs. adjustable parallax
  • MILRAD, MOA, BDC reticles
  • 1st vs. 2nd focal planes
  • Tube size
  • Illuminated reticles

How to use your scope

  • Understanding angular measurement
  • Understanding MOA & MRAD
  • Calculating ballistic drop Using ballistic calculators
  • Dialing ballistic drop compensation on turrets
  • Using sub-tensioned reticles MOA, MRAD & BDC
  • Calculating wind drift
  • Ranging distance

Scope Installation & Setup

  • Choosing the right Mounting system rings and bases vs. integrated mounting systems
  • Bore sighting
  • Zeroing
Included: Course materials, guns and equipment provided. PLEASE DO NOT BRING AMMUNITION TO CLASS


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