Defensive Pistol Package


Level: All Levels
Course Length: 40 Hours (5 Days)
Defensive Pistol 102 -106
Cost: $799

Related Courses: Defensive Pistol 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106

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Course Summary:

Defensive Pistol is a series of courses designed to teach the skills necessary to lawfully defend oneself at home, the workplace, or out on the street. You’ll learn the most effective self-defense methods in the most realistic training environment available.

You’ll have the opportunity to use Simunition FX® ammunition, firearm conversion kits and safety gear, RedMan WDS training gear and ShocKnife™ training equipment in Defensive Pistol 103, 104, 105, 106 Courses.

This Class Includes Defensive Pistol 102-106

This course covers:

  • NH conceal carry laws / NH Pistol Revolver permit process
  • Federal Firearms laws including federal property and interstate transportation
  • The force continuum. 5 levels of force
  • Anticipated and unanticipated attacks.
  • Why you don’t bring a gun to a knife fight
  • How your body reacts under stress
  • Reactionary gap
  • Movement / non cognitive path
  • Using deadly force
  • Identifying threats and understanding intent
  • Movement, cover, concealment
  • Holsters and other carry equipment
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Shooting without using sights (body point, stress point Index)
  • Setting up boundaries / reactionary gap
  • Posturing and using task direction
  • Using pepper spray
  • Administrative workspace
  • Gun reloading, malfunction clearing
  • Pieing corners, moving through fatal funnels
  • Understanding angle of egress / opportunity
  • Tactical priority, multiple threats
  • Using flashlights
  • Intro to force on force training
  • Threat identification drills using Simunition FX®
  • Admin under stress, clearing malfunctions under stress
  • Shooting from compressed retention
  • Moving and shooting behind cover
  • Forced decision making under stress (Immediate action drills)
  • Threat Identification, applying the appropriate threat response under stress
  • Multiple force on force scenarios using Simunition FX®
  • Weapon retention drills
  • Fighting to get to the gun (Defensive Tactics)
  • Dealing with contact weapons (edged weapons, bludgeons)
  • Introduction to Redman WDS & ShocKnife™
  • Multiple force on force scenarios using Simunition FX®
  • Active weapon retention drills
  • Active shooter in the workplace
  • Unarmed active shooter engagement
  • Multiple force on force scenarios using Simunition FX® & RedMan WDS
  • Active Shooter drills using Simunition FX® & RedMan WDS

Included: Course materials, guns and equipment are provided.




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