Active Shooter (2 day course, e-learning)

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“Options Based” Active Shooter Mitigation using ALICE®

Scenario based & e-learning

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Course Summary:

All Instructors are ALICE certified. 

Students will learn why “Tradition Lockdown” techniques are inadequate and why “Option Based” Active Shooter response is now recomended by the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, OSHA and FEMA.  

This course is by far, the most comprehensive course available. Students will receive a certificate stating that they have attended a 2 day Active Shooter Training and an ALICE® Certified Citizen certificate good for 1 year.

Please contact me if you are interested in a private training for your workplace.


  • Profiling school/workplace Shooters, Criminal and Ideological Terrorists. -Behavioral characteristics and triggers.
  • ALERT (Identifying Active shooters and “Plain Language” communication)
  • LOCKDOWN (“Proactive Lockdown” procedures including barricading)
  • INFORM (Communication methods, drills)
  • COUNTER (Disrupting the OODA loop, Swarming, and Countering techniques)
  • EVACUATION (How and when to Evacuate, Evacuation Drills)
  •  Workplace security and emergency action plans.
  • Law enforcement interaction, what to expect, and how to react to first responders when they arrive to the scene.
  • Scenario based drills


  • Moving non-ambulatory victims.
  • Basic Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support including;
  • Applying, approximating, and converting tourniquets.
  • Compression bandages
  • Packing wounds
  • Occlusive bandages (chest seals)
  • Tension pneumothorax and recovery position.
  • Procuring first aid kits that are essential for a mechanism of injury that is gun shot related.
  • Group self-defense (taking down a shooter as a group) (RedMan
  • Active shooter scenarios using RedMan WDS & Simunition FX training gear.

E- Learning 

  • Students will have an opportunity to complete a 45 minute ALICE® e-learning course and become an ALICE® Certified Citizen valid for 1 year

ALICE® is registered trademark of the Alice Training Institute. All Rights Reserved. Critical Defense Institute is an Official ALICE® Partner in Safety.

1 review for Active Shooter (2 day course, e-learning)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pgrigg (verified owner)

    This training is critical for all of us as a community needing to protect ourselves and those around us. Rob Tibbo and his great staff are dedicated and highly educated people in preparing others will the skills necessary against people wanting to commit horrific acts against innocent people. I highly recommend and am thankful for this training. Thank you Critical Defense Institute.

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